Jeep TJ w/ 6.5″ BDS Longarm Lift Kit

1997 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) 4.0L I-6 6.5″ BDS Longarm kit BDS Prototype Belly pan — completely smooth bottom 36 x 13.50 Interco Iroc’s 15 x 8 steel wheels with 4″ backspace BDS Rocksliders BDS custom front and rear bumpers w/ tire carrier and custom gas tank skid plate Update: We installed Superior Axles – Super 30 / 35 axle shafts with a Detroit locker in the rear and an ARB up front. RTI Footage: 20 psi each tire, front sway bar disconnected using BDS Ultimate disconnects, measurements were taken with all tires on the ground (we went a little past in some of the footage you can see and a tire is hanging, but not for measurements). All shocks and rear sway bar were still hooked up — no cheating! 6.5″ Longarm kit: Our kit uses a 4 link with trackbar setup at each axle. We keep hearing that to get good flex you have to triangulate your control arms and get rid of the trackbar. I hope this shows the kind of numbers you can get when your suspension is setup correctly. The onroad driving manners of this jeep are amazing. You can drive it to the trails, wheel it, then drive it home. This is our company TJ it has our 6.5″ longarm kit all the other mods are listed above. It’s a nice day outside and we were tired of sitting at our desks — hope you enjoy.
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25 Responses to “Jeep TJ w/ 6.5″ BDS Longarm Lift Kit”

  1. snowflakebmx Says:

    bangin flex !

  2. jcaled24 Says:

    @bdssuspension Damn.. I guess I have a short arm. My lower control arms are about 18 inches and are mounted in the stock position. Oh well, Even with a short arm I still have lots of fun.Thanks for the info man.

  3. bdssuspension Says:

    @jcaled24 Assuming you purchased a TJ or JK Wrangler, if the lower control arms are mounting in the factory location and only about 18” long, its a short arm. If the arms are longer and mounted to a new crossmember or custom mounts on the frame, its a long arm. At 6” of suspension lift, it should be a long arm (if done correctly).

  4. bdssuspension Says:

    @j2rfarmer It handles like a dream on the highway! This kit is a true 4-link front and rear, improving on road mannerisms while still offering tons of articulation when the sway bars are disconnected. Upgrading from a leaf sprung YJ to a TJ you’ll notice the improved ride and ability to flex.

  5. 6950062 Says:

    Sweet he knows just what his baby can do (=’-‘=)

  6. jasonhenson1991 Says:

    Sick TJ! Anyone know the name of the song?

  7. j2rfarmer Says:

    How are the road manners on road? im looking to upgrade to a tj from my yj and i wanna get it rite the first time.

  8. underliner6 Says:

    A pure beats! Great jeep. BDS is great shit!

  9. jcaled24 Says:

    So I bought a jeep with a six inch lift. How can you tell if it’s short or long arm?

  10. Wrangler98TJ Says:

    pure sex on wheels

  11. l00kupatdad123 Says:

    I also have one more question for you, if you know it. I just recieved a pay check large enough to get me 36″ tsl’s. Will I have enough room with a 4″ suspension lift and flat fenders? Also, I have front and rear D44’s with 4.88 gears. Untill I go and pick them up from my cabin, will i be able to even move with 36″ tires? Thanks!

  12. flipbarracuda Says:

    Look at that beautiful flex!!

  13. PirateJeep Says:


  14. PirateJeep Says:

    My buddy has this lift but is constantly breaking the trac bar

  15. xlpaj Says:

    Very nice 5*

  16. probeguy19 Says:

    @bdssuspension yeah i have 33x 12.50 and i took it to Big Boys Playground LLC and all my buddies had to air down and i didn’t went through stuff easier than my cuz and his rubicon with the lockers on

  17. tehwun Says:

    probably 37s

  18. tevinjoseph Says:

    song ?

  19. sipumiloma Says:

    i have 4” pro comp stage 2 lift with 35s but this is way more flex than what i get niceeee

  20. Adrian00702 Says:

    i would love a bds suspension system for my xj but they are too damn expensive

  21. TheJeepmike Says:

    how much for the kit i have a 2 inch bds on my 97 tj it works great

  22. jeeper623 Says:

    i got a 06 rubicon with 6 inch lift and 36-13.5 irocks

  23. bdssuspension Says:

    We had zero problems with that wheel and tire combo. It worked really well with what we put it through.

    However, due to how we the Jeep, we have recently went through and updated a bunch of parts on this TJ. It now has 17×9 poison spider beadlocks with 37×12.50 Goodyear kevlar MT/R’s.

  24. 1000sheilds Says:

    are you haveing any problems running the 36×13.5’s on the 15×8 wheels?

  25. hiitsmaddieandsarah Says:

    Hey I have been there!! Love that BDS! Wilson Off Road

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